RCKTpod module

Our technology platform can easily be added to current and new vehicles.

The RCKTpod camera and communication module encapsulates multiple automotive-grade cameras with an array of 4G/5G antennas, packaged for cross-vehicle installation.

Integrated Control

A centralised on-board CPU unites the different systems for vision, control and communication.

Using Trilvee proprietary software, each vehicle can send and receive ALL vehicle control commands within a fraction of a second.

Driver perception

A suite of 6 hi-definition automotive cameras deliver a full 360° view of the surrounding environment, at all times.

This is fed to each driver through a bank of wide field-of-view monitors, motion feedback and biometric monitoring, ensuring unmatched operational safety.

Safety by design

Our system is designed from the ground up to be safe, and constantly monitors the multiple connections for security, integrity, bandwidth and end-to-end delay.

Working closely with policy makers Trilvee is defining and ensuring implementation of the right standards for driverless mobility, including the training for the remote drivers.