Trilvee brings together a team of experts in software, automotive, and product to realise our vision of building a highly efficient, more human focused urban transport network.

Michael Mangion

Serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience in software, technology, and product innovation. Passion for zero carbon sports across land, sea, and air (cycling, sailing, and gliding) with a mission to bring similar efficiency levels to personal, urban transportation.

Michał Leszczyński

Software Engineer with 20 years experience in software development, program, portfolio and operations management. Successfully delivered digital transformation programmes across global organisations. Strives for operational excellence, always.

Siemen Smolders

Embedded engineer with 10 years experience in product development. Entrepreneurial innovator and creative problem solver, with a solid foundation in e-mobility and IoT from rapid scaling start-ups. Passionate about strategic green initiatives.

James Campbell

Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of product development and engineering leadership experience in the technology and automotive sector. Dedicated innovator with a keen focus on optimised sustainability.

Ewa Dominiak

Award-winning designer, creative leader, entrepreneurial problem-solver. 15 years experience of building brands, products and services, with a focus on innovation. Find her facilitating multidisciplinary teams, guarding peoples' needs and building bridges across communities.

Nick Lamplugh

Successful co-founder of previous startup, over 15 years of experience with growth companies dealing with the 'boring but essential' bits: finance, legal, operations, HR and CoSec. "I love an efficient process and in this case... vehicle!"

Corinne Thompson

13 years experience working in finance and corporate strategy. 8 years leading finance teams in the tech space, with a special focus on fundraising and investment across fintech, cyber security and climate tech companies.


Our exceptional advisors come with a wealth of experience in automotive, consumer, and growth.

Guillermo Rivera Rio
Operations - Consumer.
Former CEO Europe, Procter & Gamble
Michel Taride
Deep industry experience.
Former President Hertz International
John D. Thomas
Expert in automotive.
'Father' of Tesla Model S