Less is more


A new category of urban transport

Trilvee offers an entirely new category of service that combines the best of taxis and car sharing with the concept of vehicle right-sizing, enabled through the technology of remote driving, with just the right level of automation.

Change is needed

Current urban mobility solutions fail to find balance between profitability, affordability, and sustainability.

This has lead to:

  • low driver wages and driver shortages
  • low profitability and poor returns
  • low market penetration
Venn diagram showing how Trilvee sits at the intersection of Sustainable, Profitable, and Affordable mobility

We use right-sized vehicles for every trip

Right-sized vehicles delivered for every trip minimises energy and space usage, and maximises speed and versatility.
This can deliver clearer roads and cleaner air.

Fleet of different sized vehicles to always ensure a customer gets the right-sized vehicle for every trip
Trilvee remote driving station

Remotely driven

Remote driving is viable and here NOW.

It's scalable and profitable with up to 5x fewer drivers, solving the driver shortage.

It offers the ultimate convenience. Available when needed, where you are, and with no need for parking.

It's lower risk and easier to deliver and still benefits from a human in the loop.

Trilvee prototype vehicle

Small and sustainable

Our tech works on vehicles of all sizes but, because we value sustainability above all else, we've started small, efficient, and oh-so-fun & agile.

Our prototype uses a road-legal vehicle that sips just 50Wh/km, 4x less energy than conventional EVs.

Smaller, shared vehicles also require 10x less carbon to produce and generate less rubber particulate pollution.

Affordable for all

Remote driving coupled with efficient vehicle utilisation keeps operating costs down.

Low costs enable affordability AND profitability helping us to deliver sustainability.

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