Transforming urban mobility
right-sized, affordable, sustainable transport available on demand

The car ownership model is inefficient

Nothing has changed in 120 years! We buy cars designed for the annual family trip, which means they are vastly oversized for most city journeys.

  • Nearly two thirds of all car journeys are single occupant
  • A car on average sits idle for 95% of its life, which translates into 11.4 years of a 12 year lifecycle
  • Overly large cars cause congestion, take up road and parking space, and require significant manufacturing resources

This model wastes energy & resources and simply transitioning to EVs is not enough

Just the manufacturing and recycling of the huge batteries for the 50 million full size EVs that companies plan to build over the next 10 years is resource intensive and not as sustainable as we want it to be.

Volvo calculated that a typical EV has to be driven nearly 70,000 miles - over 9 years based on average UK mileage - before it has a lower carbon impact than its petrol equivalent.

How do we solve this problem and deliver the most appropriate vehicle to meet customer needs?
Build a global platform delivering ultra efficient shared urban mobility

We want to fast forward the transition towards sustainable, future-proofed cities by providing everyone with affordable transport options that remove the capital cost of purchasing an EV.

Our solution

Trilvee offers tele-operated, on demand, right-sized vehicles meeting all urban residents' needs.
In most of cases this is best achieved using a light weight EV.
Using the right size vehicle for each trip maximises efficiency, minimises impact, and helps meet Net Zero targets.

On demand
Reliable. Always get a vehicle when you need it. Quickly.
Comes to you
Hail it via an app and we use cutting edge technology to drive it to you driverless. No autonomy needed.
You drive it
Gives you the independence and the safety you need, and returns the fun of driving!
No need to park
When you arrive at your destination, we drive the vehicle away. No need to park, charge, or hassle.
what our early adopters say
Anna (30+)

parent, no car,
works in tech industry

"The vehicle is fun!"
“I’d like to use it to drive to a doctor, pub, and to pick up Tommy from the nursery when it is raining. I would also use it to safely drive back home from the city centre at night."
Paula (40+)

parent, car owner,
local business owner

"I like how sustainable it is!"
“I'd use your service. It associates my brand with sustainable solutions and this is something me and my clients are looking forward to. On a different note, can you drive my kids to activities?"
Tom (50+)

parent, car owner,

chief executive

"I could save some time and money!"
“I think I would use this to drive to our Mayfair office. Would be fun and comfortable. Moreover, we could be more flexible and spend less time planning our day”
We want to work with local authorities looking to introduce innovative solutions within their transport ecosystem. Please register your interest and we will arrange an introductory call.